The Habit of Non-judgement


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I have put in practice an attitude of non judgement and I wish to share my experience and thoughts regarding the same. It’s been a while (about a month and a half) since I am gifted with the wise notion and the strength to practice non judgement.

To understand my context, you would require great humility and courage to face yourself as you are today. When I came across this notion, I realised how I involuntarily judge people, situations and things. Having a positive outlook is great. But sustaining it becomes a key challenge. And living life through non-judgement is one practice that guarantees a continuous healthy and positive mindset.

Building a basic mind-frame of non-judgement requires deep humility. You do not know everything and believe me what you do know is nothing compared to the sum of all the knowledge, truth and wisdom that there is. And among that what you do know, are considerable amount of assumptions which may not be true. So please, start with developing humility within you.

In my practice, as I started with affirming strongly to myself that “I do not judge anything and I am truly grateful for this”, I started to feel more calm. Day by day I saw myself getting more organised in my thoughts and my daily routine. And I started to feel less scared of taking action because I did not judge an outcome in the first place. This has made me so much more bold and proactive.

So do not judge anything. Not your “old, out of fashion clothes”, not your “old car”, not your hairstyle or that pimple on your face or that broken chair or the bad weather.  Do not judge that person who cut in on you. Do not judge the heavy traffic jam or your grumpy boss. Do not judge this or that situation as good or bad. Do not judge anything or a person as good or bad. Because when you do, your mind automatically generates a line of thought in accordance with that judgement. And then chaos and lack of control sets in. You do not control your mind then. It controls you. You become a slave to your thoughts and this lack of organisation leads to fear, depression, over excitement, inaction, indecision etc.

Everything has a reason behind it. You may or may not know it. But the reason is there. So the next time someone cuts in on you, know that there’s a reason. If your boss is grumpy, there’s a reason. If the weather is bad and you can’t step out, there’s a reason. If you have failed in that business project, there’s a reason. You may not know it. But know this : IT ALIGNS YOU TO YOUR GREATEST SUCCESS IF YOU DO NOT JUDGE.

When you don’t judge that client, you will have courage to convince them and close the deal in a mutual favour. When you do not judge the trivial and important events of the day, you will have the energy and spirit to focus on the things you can do today that will get you closer to your goal. When you do not judge others, you will have an opportunity to look within, at your own mistakes (no matter how small) and correct them to make yourself a better person. When you do not judge failure, you will have the courage to take action in order to conquer your fears.

So put in practice, this attitude of non-judgement and be grateful for the reasons (known or unknown), because they always are meant for your best. Even though it may include facing failure or disappointment at the moment, but it will always be for your greater best as long as you do not make assumptions and judgement.

If you truly understand my context here, you will realize that there’s a difference between non-judgement and and not analyzing situations, people or things. Please do not sabotage your abundance, prosperity, success, wealth, health and relationships anymore.

“Non-judgment is a gateway to pure potentiality which is a field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. When we realize that our essential nature is of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.” – Deepak Chopra